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Welcome to Alumni Freiburg

Over 25,000 students are currently enrolled at the University of Freiburg, enjoying student life in one of Germany's most beautiful university cities. The University of Freiburg set up Alumni Freiburg to ensure that former students could maintain their academic and personal links with their “old” university even after their studies had ended. The name is taken from the Latin word “alumnus” or pupil. The staff at the Alumni office are points of contact for former students of all faculties, nationalities and generations. Active and emeritus professors and employees of the university are also part of the alumni community. The aim of Alumni Freiburg is to establish a global alumni network with the university’s some 250,000 former students.

Alumni Freiburg e.V.

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Aktuelle Termine

Alumni-Club North America

Our American alumni have organized a relaxing evening at the Princeton Club in New York City on July 17th. Please RSVP for additional information. more...

Alumni Freiburg e.V.

Gemeinsam mit TriRhena Consulting organisiert der Alumni Freiburg e.V. am 17.07. in der UB Freiburg ein WorldCafé, bei dem Studierende mit Alumni und Alumnae über Berufseinstieg und Berufsleben sprechen können. mehr...

Alumni-Club NRW

Der Alumni-Club NRW besucht vom 25.-28.07. seine alte Uni-Stadt Freiburg. Für den Besuch ist ein umfangreiches und abwechslungsreiches Programm geplant. mehr...


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