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Being an alumnus of the University of Freiburg brings special opportunities. In the alumni clubs of the University of Freiburg organised across the world, former “Freiburgers” meet to enjoy cultural events, attend academic talks or simply spend convivial evenings together. Young alumni meet old at the clubs and representatives of all kinds of academic disciplines come together.

What do the alumni clubs offer?

The attraction of the alumni clubs lies in their regular and varied cultural, academic and social programmes. In the joint activities, however, the clubs also live from the involvement of their members, with new contacts always being made.
Whether you would like to visit exhibitions, the theatre or concerts or strike up new friendships – the alumni mentality is brought to life in a special way in the alumni clubs. The social factor certainly isn't neglected.

Up-to-date on academic and research matters

The alumni clubs open up new information forums to former students. Professors and senior lecturers at the University of Freiburg hold academic talks providing information on their latest research findings.
One really convincing reason to join the clubs as an alumna or alumnus is to make new professional contacts. The alumni clubs thereby create opportunities for extending business links.

Club presidents

The clubs are led by club presidents. These are the local representatives of the University of Freiburg.

Alumni club foundation

Have we whetted your interest? Maybe you're eager to set up a Freiburg alumni club in your own area too? No problem! Speak to us and we, the staff at the Alumni office of your former university, will organise it with you.

Alumni Freiburg e.V.

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Aktuelle Termine

Alumni Club North America

On December 9, the Friends of Freiburg will host a virtual panel discussion about the documentary "Back to Berlin". They will be joined by the film’s director, Catherine Lurie, and historian Dr. Moshe Zimmermann, for a discussion examining the intersection of sports, antisemitism, and racism in German-Jewish history. Please RSVP in advance. more...


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