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Renewing Connections - Establishing Contacts - Creating Networks

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Through the department "Relationship Management and Alumni", the University of Freiburg offers services to all generations of alumns. At this moment in time, we are still working on establishing our range of services, but we are already looking forward to questions and suggestions from our global, intergenerational alumni community.

For general questions, feel free to send us a message via our online form. We also appreciate visitors in our office (map) - however, due to the ongoing corona pandemic, our offices are currently closed to the public.

Alumni Freiburg
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Löwenstraße 16
79085 Freiburg

Tel. 0761/203-4229 
Fax 0761/203-4288 
E-Mail: alumni@uni-freiburg.de

Your Contacts


Heike Kapp

Alumni Management - Alumni-Networks

E-Mail: heike.kapp@zv.uni-freiburg.de
Tel.: (+49) 0761 - 203-4229


Daniela Mast

Student Funding - Alumni Funding Projects

E-Mail: daniela.mast@zv.uni-freiburg.de
Tel.: (+49) 0761 - 203-4283


Martin Gutry

Database Coordinator - Alumni-Database Mangement

E-Mail: martin.gutry@zv.uni-freiburg.de
Tel.: (+49) 0761 - 203-9803


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