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Friends of Freiburg Alumni North America


With your help: Humanitarian Responses to the War in Ukraine - Monday, December 19, 2022, 9.00 PT, 12.00 ET, 17.00 London, 18.00 MEZ

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine generated a broad international response as countries such as Germany and the United States mustered diplomatic and economic support for Ukraine. But how have NGOs responded to the needs of refugees and Ukrainians on the ground? And how has the University of Freiburg responded to the needs of its Ukrainian students and researchers? Join our discussion with Ambassador (retired) Dr. Christine Althauser, Förderverein Alumni Freiburg e.V. and Alice Greider, World Jewish Relief (London). They will discuss how the needs of Ukrainian refugees are being addressed, and how Freiburg friends and alumni can support students at the university today.

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