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About Alumni Freiburg

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In 1997, the University of Freiburg was the first university in Germany to start establishing contact with its former students. Exchanges with alumni gave the university important insights into its graduates’ professional lives, while extensive opportunities for continuing academic education were created for alumni at the university. Students benefit from contact with professionals, e.g. through mentoring.
Former students receive all important information about their university via Alumni Freiburg. Alumni meetings are an opportunity to revisit the university and earlier friendships made there. Some 80,000 alumni worldwide are now in contact with the University of Freiburg.

Alumni clubs: personal contact

The university maintains contact with its former students in many regions across Germany and on various continents through the alumni club network. The clubs regularly invite alumni of the University of Freiburg to academic and cultural events and offer good networking opportunities.
The clubs also keep alumni up-to-date on continuing education activities to help them advance their careers. Whether you are looking for symposiums, academic forums or to find academic experts – Alumni Freiburg gives you exclusive access to all academic and research disciplines.

Participation in academic and research pursuits

The alumni network gives alumni an opportunity to participate again in academic and research pursuits through regular events. This is of particular benefit to alumni in the professional sphere.


Alumni can also make an important social contribution by aiding projects supported by the university. Their financial contribution, e.g. through donations, endowments or the ideal support through membership of the Alumni Freiburg e.V. non-profit association, helps improve the study conditions in all faculties and represents an investment in the training of future generations.

Student search

Would you like to track down former university friends? Alumni Freiburg can make this happen. Many “missing” students have been found since the Alumni Freiburg came into existence and many friendships from time spent studying at the University of Freiburg rekindled.

Alumni Freiburg e.V.

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Aktuelle Termine

Alumni Club North America

Join our North American alumns on December 1st for a screening of Matthew Aucoin's Eurydice at the Metropolitan Opera. As per usual, our alumna Sarah Stephens will host a virtual opera introduction before the event. Live screenings of the play are available in participating cinemas worldwide. Check here for more info. Make sure to RSVP in advance for the opera intro. more...

Alumni Club North America

On December 9, the Friends of Freiburg will host a virtual panel discussion about the documentary "Back to Berlin". They will be joined by the film’s director, Catherine Lurie, and historian Dr. Moshe Zimmermann, for a discussion examining the intersection of sports, antisemitism, and racism in German-Jewish history. Please RSVP in advance. more...


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